Vermont fall color from the sky

Aerial footage from our Inspire taken during the fall of 2015. This is collection of fall foliage color in about half dozen places in the Vermont. Many of the sequences were taken on different days and in widely different locations. For example, the opening shots were taken on Cloudland Road near Woodstock towards the end of the foliage season. It was definitely past peak, but you can often see late foliage color on unpaved roads well after the color is disappearing along more travel routes. Other sequences were taken at Peacham in the Northeast Kingdom, Lake Willoughby, beginning with a shot of the Willoughvale Inn,  the camera dollies back over the Clyde River, outside East Charleston. This is followed by a shot of the base lodge at Jay  Peak, then of Jenne Farm about 100 miles south, followed by Echo Lake near Plymouth  and the President Coolidge museum. The film ends with a reveal of the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock and a stunning Vermont sunset.  Follow our foliage reports on